Who do I go to for advice? My mom

By Markia

Who do I go to when I have good news to share, when I need advice or a shoulder to lean on, or when I have a secret that I just have to share with someone? I go to my mother. We have conversations about almost everything, from what we are having for dinner to relationships and sexual wellness.

Why my mom you ask?  I know for sure that my mom will always be by my side. She loves me unconditionally. She is a single parent that never gives up. She works so hard and does her best to provide for my brother and me. I trust her with any and everything and I will love her forever.

Developing an open and understanding relationship with your parents takes time and is hard work. The trust has to be built up and the relationship should start with honesty. That's true for any relationship.

I am grateful that my mom listens to me instead of judging me. She doesn't overpower me even though she's the parent. We are more than mother and daughter, we are best friends. I would encourage anyone who has a distant or broken relationship with their parents to mend it. If that's not possible, try to reach out to another trusted adult, like a school counselor, to get the important advice and guidance while you can. Even though sometimes we feel like we know it all, it never hurts to reach out and ask for a second opinion from someone you really trust.