Who do I go to for boy advice? My dad.

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By Lauren 

Ever since I was little, my dad and I have been close. We would shop together, walk our dog together, and watch World War Two documentaries together- tradition. Over the years, I’ve asked him for a lot of advice, ranging from what outfit to wear, to what I should write for college apps. Our bond changed, however, when I entered the famous ‘tween’ years. I started asking for advice about boys. This wasn’t something my dad was particularly used to. 

Lucky for me, Dad took it in stride. While he would pretend to gripe about it, he was always there to listen to me and to give any advice he could, or to help me when I was down. For example, when I was rejected by a crush and told my dad about it, he simply responded with, “Which unworthy was this?” It may seem silly, but my Dad’s belief that I was worth more than a boy’s attention made me believe it too. I quickly recovered from my unrequited crush. 

While my dad doesn’t try to be more of a friend than a parent, his support reminds me how lucky I am and how helpful he can be. Relationships when you're a teen can be hard to figure out, and, without the right person with experience to talk to, sometimes it can be overwhelming and potentially unhealthy. By discussing things like relationships with my dad, I’m confident that I can maneuver the dating world in a fun, healthy way.