Health Clinics: Seeking the Truth

By Leslie C. 

It’s totally normal to feel more comfortable going to your friends for information regarding healthy relationships, safe sex, birth control, and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). After all, you grew up with your friends, you’ve shared some of the happiest moments of your life with your friends, and they probably know some of your deepest secrets. You may find it less embarrassing to talk to them about your feelings and/or doubts about sex, than to talk to your parents, siblings, or another trusted adult.

Let’s Be Honest!

While it's true that your friends care about you and it’s much easier to talk to them, if you’re relying on your friends as your only source of information for your sexual health and dating life then you are putting yourself on shaky ground. Sometimes, your friends won’t have all the answers and information you seek. And even when they have answers to your questions, it does NOT mean all the information and advice they give you is accurate. You may have some friends who have had more experience using one method of birth control, but this does not mean that the method that worked for them will work for you. You may also have friends who have the wrong information about pregnancy prevention, such as “having unprotected sex with a girl while she’s on her period will not get her pregnant.” The truth is she can get pregnant. But, how and why?

A Great Source of Accurate Information

Health clinics are not just equipped with STD testing services, pregnancy tests, and huge stock supplies of birth control! At health clinics - especially at family planning clinics- you can also find friendly staff and health professionals that can help you navigate your way through all the services available to you. Health care professionals can provide you with truthful information. You can ask them any question about physical, sexual, and mental health, and/or talk about any doubt you may have, like “will having sex while on my period get me pregnant?” Health care professionals are trained to deliver this kind of information. It may be uncomfortable at first to talk about these sensitive topics with people you don’t know, but it’s important to keep in mind that all the questions you might have about your physical and mental well-being are not uncommon and health professionals are used to hearing stories and questions just like your own.

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