Happy LGBTQ Pride Month! Can you complete all 5 items on our Pride Month Action Checklist?

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Happy LGBTQ Pride Month! Pride is a great time to celebrate love, uplift the diversity and visibility of the LGBTQ community, and to come together in a safe space. While Pride month is filled with festive events, it’s also a time dedicated to honoring all of the courageous individuals who have fought for LGBTQ rights around the country and the world. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, the origin of Pride celebrations everywhere. In 1969, patrons of a LGBTQ bar in New York City staged an uprising to resist a discriminatory police raid, leading to the birth of the modern LGBTQ rights movement.

Given Pride month’s origins, there’s no better time for all of us to rededicate ourselves  to the fight for equal rights for all.

Whether you identify as part of the LGBTQ community or as an ally, make the most of Pride month by completing the TeenSource Pride Month Action Checklist!



  • Pride month activities take place all over the country-- find one near you and participate by attending parades and events, or volunteering!
  • You can also uplift Pride month by sharing on social media! There are dozens of hashtags out there that celebrate Pride month, but some of our favorites are #PRIDE2019 and #LOVEISLOVE


  • If you don’t identify as LGBTQ, you can still participate in Pride month, but it’s a good idea to listen and learn from those in the community to make sure you are being respectful. Check out these helpful tips for allies!


  • The CA Healthy Youth Act (also known as CHYA or “Chaya”) was passed in 2016, and it requires public schools to teach comprehensive sex education, using LGTBQ-inclusive language and including topics like sexual orientation, sexuality, gender identity, gender roles and gender stereotypes
  • It is your RIGHT to receive this information as a California public or charter school student! If you aren’t getting this information, please tell us and we can help you make sure your school is providing comprehensive sex education and following the law.
  • For more information on the CA Health Youth Act visit: myschoolmyrights.com/sex-ed.


  • Share these resources with your friends by posting your checklist on your Instagram story with emojis next to each action you’ve taken or plan to take-- and inspire others to complete their own (p.s. be sure to tag us @teensourceorg)!

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