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Find out how to have oral sex safely!

Oral sex doesn’t won't cause unintended pregnancy, but it could cause some other unintended issues. Some teens like to “play it safe” by having oral sex rather than vaginal or anal sex because they mi... Read More

STD Myths That You Thought Were True: Part 2

Blog post by Remy F. STD MYTH: I can’t catch an STD from having oral or anal sex. Almost all STDs that can be passed on through unprotected vaginal sex can also be passed on through unprotected ... Read More

Dental Dams

A Dental What?! Yeah, I know! It was the first thing I thought when I first heard of a dental dam. It’s not as well known as the male and female condom and is not as famous amongst teens either. We... Read More


GYT. Have you seen this trending on twitter and the interwebs? GYT stands for “Get Yourself Tested,” which is part of April’s STD awareness month.   So why is getting yourself tested so i... Read More