Condoms- What You Need to Know!

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This week is National Condom Week so we wanted to cover some condom basics and FAQs. Remember, you can always find free condoms at TeenSource!

Some condoms go inside the body

There are two kinds of condoms, external and internal. External condoms are sometimes also called male condoms because they go on a penis. Internal condoms, sometimes called female condoms, go inside the body either in the vagina or anus. External condoms are easier to find but both kinds are effective.

Condoms protect against pregnancy AND STDs

Some people think of condoms as a type of birth control, which they are because they protect against pregnancy, but condoms also protect against STDs! In fact, condoms are the only method of birth control that also protect against STDs. Condoms can also be used in addition with another method of birth control, like an IUD, the pills, etc.

Anyone of any age can buy condoms

You don’t need to be 18 or any specific age to buy condoms. Condoms are available for anyone. You can find condoms at many places like grocery stores, drug stores, corner stores, Target, Wallmart, etc. It might feel embarrassing to buy condoms but remember, the person at the store has seen it all before.

You can get condoms for FREE

You can find free condoms at TeenSource! There are many places throughout California where you can pick up free condoms and teens in some parts of California can even have them mailed to their house or other trusted address.

All condoms work the same

No matter the brand or if the condoms are free, they all are effective. The “best” condom is the one you have or the one that is easy for you to get. All condoms in the US undergo testing to ensure they work well. If someone has a preference to one brand or another, that is ok. Just remember there is no best brand to use.

Celebrate National Condom Week by finding free condoms near you. We will also be doing activities on our Instagram all week! Follow along and participate at @teensourceorg!

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