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There’s been a lot of talk lately about birth control, family planning, “gag rules,” Title X (pronounced title ten), and HIV in the news. All of this information can be confusing but TeenSource has the answers!

Can I Visit a Clinic?

YES! You can visit a clinic near you for CONFIDENTIAL, NON-JUDGEMENTAL health care! Teens in California have the right to access things like birth control, STD testing, or take a pregnancy test without the permission of a parent or guardian (though it is ALWAYS a good idea to talk with a trusted adult first). Our clinic finder is up to date and if you have any issues getting care at the clinic, you can let us know. Looking for free condoms, we have a map for that too! Find free condoms near you.

What’s The Deal With HIV?

There was recently a story about an advancement in a cure for HIV. This does not mean that HIV or AIDS is curable. It just means that scientists may have some information that could potentially help lead to a cure for HIV in the future. Remember, HIV is a virus that causes AIDS. You can get tested for HIV through a cheek swab or blood sample at a clinic near you.

And Title X?

The Trump administration recently released new policies that could make it more difficult for some clinics or health centers to receive federal money (in a program called Title X). This money is used to provide birth control and STD care to low-income and uninsured patients. These regulations also change what these health centers can do or say. These changes to Title X have not taken effect yet and are currently being challenged in court. You can still visit a clinic near you!

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