Don't leave it to word of mouth! Get the 101 on oral sex.

A common misconception about oral sex can be that it’s not risky, especially compared to vaginal intercourse. But there’s more to worry about than just getting pregnant!

Have you heard about chlamydia? Genital herpes? Gonorrhea?! Syphilis?!? Those are all STDs, and they can all be transmitted through oral sex.

A simple way to be able to enjoy STD-free oral sex is by getting you and your partner tested at your nearest clinic. Some people can find it uncomfortable or awkward asking their partners to get themselves tested, but is that really worth putting yourself at risk of disease? Still, if you really don’t want to ask your partner to get tested, there are other options available. A condom can still be a resource for oral sex performed on both a man and a woman. There are even flavored ones made especially for the act!

When used on a woman, a condom can be made into something called a “dental dam” using these simple steps!

1. Check the expiration date of a male condom and look for signs of possible damages to ensure that the condom is still effective.

2. Cut the tip and the bottom band of the condom off.

3. Cut down one side of the condom and unfold the material. You should now have a rectangle of material that may be used as a dental dam.

And there you have it! Whether you are ready to go get tested or go stock up on condoms (which you can get FREE from TeenSource’s Condom Access Project here), you are now prepared to have safer oral sex.