Everyone says they're doing it. Are they really? Does that mean I should do it too? Here are a few things to remember while you think about "it".

We live in a time where nearly everyone our age documents every part of their life on social media. There is some sort of unspoken law behind each form of social media. Instagram is usually for the aesthetics and cool pictures that make you feel like you want to live forever. Facebook can be for family and school relationships. Twitter and Snapchat are the place where many let loose and post whatever they want... sometimes posting a whole lot more than what is really going on.

You already know what other teens are posting about. Are all of them having as much activity as social media posts suggest? To the naked eye it seems as if though everyone is "doing it" or has done stuff that's pretty close to "it". Falling under peer pressure can be super easy. And it can be even easier to fall into peer pressure when those around you seem to exile you for not having participated in any sex-capades.

But it's very important to remember a few things while thinking about "it": 

  • Having sex is a totally normal thing and you shouldn't feel ashamed about having sexual desires. 
  • Just because sex is normal does that doesn’t mean you HAVE to partake in it.
  • It's always important to practice CONSENT during sexual activities such as:
    1. Is this okay? 
    2. Do you want to continue this? 
    3. Are you comfortable? 
    4. Have sex when YOU are ready, when BOTH agree and not just your partner.

And always ask questions. Learn about what forms of Birth Control are best for you.  Learn about how to prevent STDs. And if you don't have an open relationship with your family when it comes to talking about sex then there's always friends and people like us here at TeenSource.org