Organizations That Support Women's Health

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In honor of Women’s History Month, we are compiling a list of organizations across California that serve girls, self-identifying women, and families. 

Northern California

Wellspring Women’s Center 

The Wellspring Women’s Center is a women’s organization in Sacramento’s Oak Park neighborhood. Serving nearly 200 women daily, Wellsprings offers four core programs: Safety Net Services, Children’s Corner, the Women’s Wellness Program, and a Nutritional Meal Program. Wellsprings also provides parenting classes, Spanish translation services, and referrals to other agencies and services.

Women’s Center - Youth & Family Services 

The Women's Center - Youth &Family Services is an organization geared towards helping young women in Stockton. The Women’s Center provides free confidential services and shelters designed for meeting the needs of homeless and runaway youth, victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking.

The Latina Center 

The Latina Center is an organization dedicated to improving the Physical, Mental and Spiritual health of Latina women and their families in the Bay Area, specifically Richmond CA. The Latina Center empowers local Latinas to identify important health issues in their community and enhances their own abilities to address these health issues.

Bay Area Women Against Rape 

Bay Area Women Against Rape (BAWAR) is the first rape crisis center in the country. BAWAR serves anyone who has been affected by sexual violence and is living in the Bay Area. BAWAR provides free services including peer-counseling and a 24 hour hotline. 

Community Health For Asian Americans

Community Health For Asian Americans (CHAA) is a non-profit organization in the Bay Area committed to improving the health of Asian and Pacific Islanders in the Bay Area.  CHAA has a youth program that promotes healthy lifestyle and decision making for youth.

Central California

California Health Collaborative 

The California Health Collaborative is a health organization in Fresno that promotes the health and well-being of residents in California. Through many partnerships, the California Health Collaborative offers maternal wellness programs, breast and cervical cancer programs, as well resources for postpartum birthing people.

ACT for Women and Girls

ACT for Women and Girls (ACT) is a non-profit in Visalia that increases access to reproductive health and informs policy makers and leaders about reproductive health issues. ACT offers a range of reproductive justice leadership opportunities including a Feminist Leadership Academy, a Student Health Awareness for Peer Empowerment leadership development program, and ACTion Teams. All programs invite anyone age 12 and up to join.

The Source LBGT+ Center 

The Source LGBTQ+ Center is a center in downtown Visalia that supports the LGBTQ+ community. The Source LGBTQ+ Center has over 20 programs and provides meeting spaces, youth groups, a food pantry, a “trans closet,” HIV services, and educational courses to its community.

Southern California

California Black Women’s Health Project 

The California Black Women’s Health Project (CABWHP) is a state-wide, non-profit organization that is committed to improving the health of black women. CABWHP provides tools for mental health, maternity, sexual health, aging, etc. Their guiding values are equity, empowerment, black women centered change, and collaboration. 

Black Women For Wellness 

Black Women for Wellness (BWW) is a women's health organization in Los Angeles that is committed to the health and wellness of black women and children. BWW offers programs on disease prevention, reproductive justice, black maternal and infant health, and environmental justice.

Orange County Women’s Health Project

The Orange County Women’s Health Project has worked to prioritize local women’s health issues in Santa Ana. The Orange County Women’s Health Project offers training, programs, and initiatives. Their mission is to advance women’s health through education, collaboration, and advocacy. 

Women’s Resource Center

The Women's Resource Center (WRC) is dedicated to making sure everyone has a right to live in a violence free home where they are treated with respect and dignity. The WRC offers quality support services, counseling, shelter and education to Northern San Diego women, children, and men involved in or threatened by domestic violence or sexual assault.

We hope that these organizations will help serve you or anyone you may know!  If you live in California, you can use our Clinic Finder to find a clinic near you!

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