Periods late or irregular? Get a free pregnancy test @ ur local teen clinic!

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When you are in your teens and early 20s it is super normal to get your period irregularly. Some women have periods every 15 days, while others can be as long as every 45 days! The average is around 28 days, but for women under 25 there are often months with missed periods and changing length of cycles.

However, if you are sexually active and you miss a period, it is definitely a good idea to head down to your local teen clinic and get a free pregnancy test. You can also buy them at pharmacies and most grocery stores.

Surprisingly, women can sometimes still get what looks like a period even when they are pregnant. They might have light bleeding, a shorter period, or be a little later than usual. It’s important to check yourself out for other pregnancy symptoms, like sore breasts, changes in appetite, emotional changes, being super sleepy or physically tired, and that really annoying nausea in the morning (otherwise known as morning sickness). If you are having any of these signs, it’s worth it to make that trip down to the clinic for a test.

With pregnancy testing - and figuring out your options - sooner is definitely better!