Share Your Thoughts: Would You Order Birth Control from a Phone App?

Share Your Thoughts: Would You Order Birth Control from a Phone App?

California has many laws that protect teen rights to access FREE and confidential birth control and other reproductive health services. Although involving a trusted adult in your health care is best whenever possible, teens don't need their parent’s permission to get birth control, STD testing/treatment or pregnancy are. Eligible teens can sign-up for Medi-Cal and teens without health insurance can sign-up to get care for free through the Family PACT program.

Even though California policies and programs help make it easier and affordable for teens to access important health services like birth control and STD prevention and treatment, sometimes getting the care you need or want can be difficult if it’s hard to find the time or transportation to get to a health center or doctor’s office that you trust to provide confidential and non-judgmental care. Maybe you don’t live close to a health center. Or maybe you don’t have a car or can’t get a ride to the pharmacy. In some parts of California, there are no buses that take you to a clinic in the next town over.  

What if you could get the care you need in the comfort of the location of your choice? Would you use technologies to get contraception?

We’d love to get your thoughts on how you or other teens could get birth control using modern technology. Please fill out this short survey.

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