Take our survey + help make it easier for teens to get health care!

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Remember the post about our short survey? Well, this is a reminder that we want to hear from you about telehealth and home STD test kits! Filling out the survey is easy and only takes a few minutes. We’re looking for your opinion – meaning there are no right or wrong answers!

What is “telehealth?”

This survey asks questions on what you think about telehealth. A telehealth visit is when you talk with your health care provider by phone or by video, or get testing or health treatment without going into a clinic.

What is a home STD test kit?

The survey also asks questions about home STD test kits. These test kits, which are ordered online and sent to your home, allow people to find out if they have a sexually transmitted disease. You take the test, mail it back to a lab in a prepaid envelope, and find out your test results online or over the phone.

How will the survey help?

We want to talk to as many teens as possible to help us understand what teens like and don’t like about getting health care by phone or video, and whether they would order something like a home STD test kit. Based on the survey information, we can use your voices to improve existing health programs and develop new ones with more options for young people!

This sounds great. How can I help?

Here are three ways you can help us reach our goal!

  2. Send the survey to five of your friends and encourage them to take it.
  3. Re-share our Instagram posts about the survey and tag us (our Instagram is @teensourceorg.)

Where can I find the survey?

You can find the survey HERE!

Having your feedback helps to make TeenSource even better! Thank you for taking our survey and for helping to make a difference for California teens!