Thank you birth control!

Today we are celebrating the evolution of birth control. Every year, on November 16th, we celebrate Thanks Birth Control Day, a time to appreciate birth control. While most birth control methods are used by people with a uterus, there are reasons for everyone to say thanks to birth control!
Dedicating a day to the evolution of birth control is an effort to remove controversy and stigma around the topic. It allows birth control users to share their stories in a safe space amongst other users and normalize why people use birth control.
Now let’s get into some facts about birth control. 
First, let’s talk about what exactly it is. Birth control is a form of contraception that uses medicine, devices, and technology to prevent pregnancy. Some people also use it to for other reasons such as to regulate their menstrual cycle and clear up their skin. 
Birth Control Options
There are many different types of birth control such as; IUDs, pills, shots, and vaginal rings. Some methods require visiting a clinic or doctor to get a prescription and some, like IUDs and the implant, need to be placed by a doctor or health care provider. Other methods like emergency contraception such as Plan B, can be found over the counter at a local drug or grocery store. Remember that emergency contraception is a form of birth control that prevents pregnancy after someone has had unprotected sex and should be taken as soon as possible. Emergency contraception is not the abortion pill and will not affect an existing pregnancy. If you’re a teen looking for contraceptive resources, check out TeenSource for more information about the types of birth control available to you!

You can also find a clinic near you to learn more about birth control options and access the method of your choice that is right for you. California teens get birth control for free and don’t need a parent's permission to get birth control though it can always be helpful to have a trusted adult to talk to. You can check out other resources and information about birth control at

Now that we have an idea of what birth control is, let’s say #thxbirthcontrol!