Using Birth Control? Great! But unless you're also using condoms, you won't be protected from STDs

Birth control is awesome! It empowers you by giving you the independence and freedom to choose when and/or if you want to become a parent. Plus, with so many options to choose from, you’re bound to find a method that is right for you and your body. The thing about birth control is that it’s only good at protecting you against unintended pregnancies. Using condoms during sexual activity can prevent unplanned pregnancy AND giving/getting STDs.

Top reasons to use condoms:

 1.     Protect yourself and your partner(s) from STDs: Remember, the most common symptom of having an STD is having no symptoms at all so “bare backing” is not as cool as you might think! Having unprotected sexual intercourse increases the risk of transferring STDs, such as syphilis, herpes, chlamydia, and HIV (the virus that causes AIDS). Protect yourself from these diseases by showing some love for the glove.

 2.     Protection from pregnancy: Not ready to be a parent yet? Use a condom! They’re up to 98% effective when used correctly, and could be more effective when used with other birth control methods, such as the pill, IUD/implant, the ring, the patch, among others. 

 3.     No prescription required & available just about anywhere: You don’t have to get a prescription from your doctor to get condoms. They’re also super cheap! You can find them convenience stores, health clinics, and grocery stores. You might also be able to get them for FREE through our Condom Access Project.

4.     Can help you communicate better with your partner(s): Having difficult or “embarrassing” conversations with your partner(s) can actually bring you two closer together. Being straightforward about your sexual health and what you’re comfortable doing and not doing can help your relationship have real intimacy. Avoiding these types of conversations because you’re scared of your partner’s reaction means that you should probably rethink if it’s a healthy relationship for you.