Using two condoms at once won’t double the protection. Use one condom that fits each + every time. If it breaks, find a clinic.

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Using two condoms at once- aka “double-bagging” doesn’t work the way you may think when it comes to having sex. Rather than giving you twice as much protection, using two condoms at once (including using a male and female condom together) during sex actually causes friction, making them more likely to rip or tear…And a condom with a hole is totally useless!

The good news is there IS a way to double your protection- use another BC method in addition to the condom. Other methods include the shot, IUD, pill, implant, patch or ring.

Methods like the IUD and the implant are great because they provide long-acting, reversible birth control and only require a 1 time visit to a clinic for insertion. However, these other BC methods don’t protect against STDs, so using a condom provides that extra barrier of protection you need when having sex!

So next time you’re getting down, use a condom plus another form of BC. Using 2 different methods means you don’t have to worry about pregnancy or STDs, which will double your pleasure and double your fun!