You + COVID 19

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School are closing, people are “sheltering in place” and we all have COVID-19 on our minds. While you should definitely be following the directions of your local government and public health department, we wanted to provide some tips and ideas for what to do while you’re staying home. Check out our tips below and share with us on Instagram (@teensourceorg) how you are taking care of yourself and your loved ones

Take some time for self-care!

You may have a lot on your mind these days, or you may even be bored because you can’t go to school or see your friends every day. But you can use some of this extra time to take care of yourself. Spend some time doing things you enjoy, practice a hobby, go for a walk, meditate, journal, or anything else that you can do by yourself that brings you joy.  Pick your favorite song and turn it into your washing countdown or use that 20 seconds to think of something you are grateful for.

Structure your day

Some people like to get up and act like it’s any other day – have breakfast, get dressed, do all the things you would do before school, even if you are staying home. Ask yourself: What things would I like to accomplish today? Setting goals will help your day have structure. Pick some self-care goals like taking a walk, journaling, doing arts and crafts, practicing a hobby, or other things to take care of yourself!

Check in on your friends

If we can’t gather in groups, there are so many digital resources to check in on our friends! Send them a text or funny meme! Maybe schedule a Facetime party. It can be difficult to be alone or at home for long periods of time. Make sure your friends are doing ok and think of fun activities you can do even if you’re apart. Showing you care can help your friends get through this difficult time. 

Check in on your family

Older adults and people with chromic medial conditions are at higher risk for COVID-19. If you have any family members who fall into these categories, check in on them. You may be able to help them get groceries, medications, or other household goods. Your check-in will also brighten their day! If they are practicing social distancing (staying six feet away from other people) or are in quarantine, check in digitally via text, phone call, video call, or other digital communication! As a bonus, if you are able to help someone else, it might give your day more meaning!

Think about your calendar

While TeenSource encourages people to visit a clinic for birth control, STD testing, HPV vaccines, or another things, now may not be the time. Experts are calling for social distancing and many non-essential services are being canceled and rescheduled. Check your calendar for the next few weeks. If you have a doctor’s appointment or clinic visit scheduled, call the clinic and find out if you can still come in or move your appointment to a phone appointment. Some clinics may be offering digital options right now. If you would like to start birth control or get tested for STDs, find a clnic near you but be sure to call them first and see if they are still open or if there are any digital options to get your needs met.  Social event? Move to digital. Planning ahead will help you think through any creative solutions and will also help you feel in control of your plans

If you get bored, check out TeenSource!

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