Self Care

New Year’s Resolutions!

Happy New Year! 2020 was quite the year and many people are looking forward to 2021! Even if you are not into resolutions or if you make them and never keep them, we encourage you to think about way... Read More

Holiday RomComs!

It’s the festive season, and you know what that means. You got it! Cheesy romantic holiday movies Read More

Self-Care Tips for Stressful Times

Dealing with so much uncertainty can be hard – especially since elections can feel personal for many of us. With everything that is going on, and many of us still distance learning and managing other ... Read More

Care for yourself!

California is currently facing the Coronavirus pandemic, heatwaves, fires, and blackouts while many of you are going back to school virtually. Read More

Self-Care Day!

Friday, July 24, is International Self-Care Day, a great opportunity to do something special to take care of ourselves, especially in these difficult times! There is a lot of advertising around self-c... Read More

You + COVID 19

School are closing, people are “sheltering in place” and we all have COVID-19 on our minds. Here are some tips and ideas for what to do while you’re staying home. Read More

Happy International Self-Care Day!

Today, July 24, is International Self-Care Day, a great opportunity to take care of ourselves. There is a lot of advertising around self-care that involves fancy bath products or face masks but self-c... Read More

This Prom Season- Be YOU!

Whether it’s an over-the-top promposal or picking out the perfect outfit for the evening, Prom often gets people thinking about trying new things. This can be fun and exciting but should be true to yo... Read More