5 Actions to Take this Pride Month

This year, Pride month comes during a very challenging time for our community and we want to acknowledge the pain many are feeling as we – and the entire nation – address the violence against Black pe... Read More

Transgender Day of Remembrance

November 20, is Transgender Day of Remembrance – a day to remember transgender people who have died in anti-transgender violence. But, it’s also a day to appreciate the resilience of transgender peopl... Read More

What to do when a friend comes out to you

Last week we celebrated National Coming Out Day, an opportunity to celebrate people who have come out or are thinking of coming out as LGBTQ+. Maybe someone you know used this day as an opportunity to... Read More

LGBT History Lesson

June is Pride month – a great time to learn about the history of LGBTQ people throughout time! Did you know that in the beginning of recorded history, LGBT individuals were accepted and celebrated?... Read More


Written by Nova R.R. Gardner, a TeenSource Intern Yesterday, April 9, was Name Yourself Day! You have the opportunity to name YOURSELF. Sometimes people do not feel that their name fits them. Trans... Read More

What is “Transgender”?

Written by Nova R.R. Gardner, TeenSource intern, who identifies as genderfluid What is transgender? Who is transgender? Everyone is assigned a sex (either male or female) at birth based on the a... Read More