The Great American Condom Campaign

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Teensource is pleased to announce the launch of the Great American Condom Campaign this year, a grassroots movement led by youth to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and other STIs. The purpose of the campaign is to educate the American public about condom use and its related issues.

To achieve their purpose, the Great American Campaign has partnered up with Advocates for Youth and Trojan Condoms to distribute a million condoms on college campuses around the US, especially on campuses where condom distribution is restricted or prohibited, and to attack the stigma around carrying and using condoms. In addition to distributing condoms around the country, the campaign will be expanding their focus this year to work with youth interested in organizing for improved condom availability on their campuses, fighting against the censorship of sex education in America's schools, and advocating for the rights of GLBTQ youth.