How to put on a male condom

  1. Check the Date You don’t want to be using old condoms now do you? Just like on food packages, expiration dates are on condoms for a reason!
  2. Give the package a squeeze Not his package, the condom package! Before you rip open the condom, make sure you squeeze the middle between your thumb and forefinger. You are checking to make sure that the package hasn’t been damaged in any way.
  3. Open it up Next open the condom, be careful that you don’t accidentally rip the condom while tearing it open. Never use your teeth to open a condom package!
  4. Set it in your palm so it looks like a sombrero Once you have the condom out of the package, set it in your palm so that it looks like a sombrero! You want it to look like a sombrero so that you know you aren’t putting the condom on inside out. Think sombrero, not beanie.
  5. Pinch the top of the condom and use your other hand to roll it down After you have the condom sitting in your hand like a sombrero, take your other hand and pinch it by the top between your thumb and forefinger. Then while holding the tip in one hand, use your other hand to roll the condom down over the entire shaft of the penis, don’t let go of the top until you have it all the way rolled down. You want some space between the head of the penis and the condom.
  6. Remove after Use After you ejaculate, keep your hand firmly on the base of the condom while you with draw. Don’t let your effort of putting on the condom go to waste by letting the condom leak or slip off while you withdraw. Hold on to it tight!
  7. Close it up Wrap the used condom in a piece or toilet paper or paper towel and throw it in the trash. Do not flush it down the toilet! You can even tie a knot near the opening of the condom to make sure nothing gets out when you throw it away.