Introducing: The Ready or Not Mini-Series

The bloggers at TeenSource know there isn't a "one size fits all" answer when it comes to teens and sex. We have been talking to our friends about their first times, and also to some of our friends who haven't had sex yet.  Maybe we are just nosey, but we honestly wanted to see if other people's first times were like ours. We found out that some were and some weren’t.  But we noticed a trend: many people felt lots of pressure to not be a virgin.

No matter what the case is, hearing these stories made us realize that we aren't alone in the many emotions and feelings that sex can stir up. Even when the story was sad, our friends always made it through and ultimately came out stronger and smarter.  We also learned some do's and don't's of safe sex, both emotionally and physically.  Some of our friends were ready or wanted to be ready in every way, while others weren't quite ready yet, but did it anyway.  Their stories are really interesting, and I’m guessing might be like your own story or like someone else's story.  

We'll be sharing our "Ready or Not" stories every week... So ready or not, here we go!

Read each story:

Part 1: Leti

Part 2: Alison

Part 3: Vince

Part 4: Catelynn