Ready or Not - Part Seven

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Jenny* is an 18 yr old recent high school grad this is her story:

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David* and I started going out a bit before prom. He played it so right; he told me he wanted to be my date but that more than that he wanted us to be boyfriend/girlfriend. By the time prom rolled around we had been together for just over a month.

The big night came and I had gotten all dolled up with my girls and was lookin’ hot! David was definitely stunned by my transformation and we danced the whole time until they turned the lights on. After getting In-n-out with my whole crew David was going to drive me home.

We took a little detour on the way home to see the view and one thing led to another. We totally got it on. We didn’t use a condom, we didn’t have one, it wasn’t planned. 

On the way home we held hands and discussed how we would go to find a free clinic where we could get some condoms. I felt amazing, I couldn’t stop replaying the night in my head; it was so perfect!

Fast forward to now. I graduated from high school a few weeks ago and was amped for my precollege summer of hanging with friends and David.  I just found out that I am pregnant. I was completely shocked at first, I knew my period was late but wasn’t freaking out because that’s not that unusual for me.  But after several weeks of putting it out of my head I took a test.

                             "Damn, it was just that once and very first time that we didn’t use a condom."

Damn, it was just that once and very first time that we didn’t use a condom. I don’t know why people say you can’t get pregnant on your first time, ‘cause that’s just not true!  I guess that’s also why they say “Back up your birth control.” Looking back, we never went to the clinic, David* just got some condoms from the store. If we would have they more than likely would have suggested we get tested for STD’s and would have told us about “the morning after pill,” they might have even given us a pregnancy test although I  likely would  not have tested positive so soon after the act.

So now I am at a crossroads. I know I have different options like abortionadoption or keeping it, the hard part is making a decision that’s right for me. If I keep it I wont be able to go away to school and will likely have to live with my parents and try to go to the JC… there are so many things I’m thinking about right now, my head is swirling.

                                                             "I know I have different options, the hard part is making a decision that’s right for me."

I think David* and I need to have another very serious heart to heart. As I am writing these words I feel inclined to say I’m not going to keep it.  He’s kind of freaking out and I don’t know if I could do it alone. At least I would know where to go. Still I don’t think I can make this decision without talking with him more.

This might be the hardest decision I have ever had to make so far in my life. I guess my advice to other teens is to really try and think about what you would do if this ever came up BEFORE you do it. AND also to PLAN and get on some kind of birthcontrol plus use condoms, you can NEVER be too safe!!!


*names have been changed to protect anonymity