Summer Sizzle 4.0


I recently discovered Thee Kats Meoww on Youtube and I LOVE IT! She’s hilarious, spunky, and not afraid of anything. I watched this one video where she literally walks around screaming the word “vagina” in public (spoiler alert! people don’t seem to like that). But the video that made me stop and think was a one where she had her boyfriend try to put on her makeup. You guessed it he basically had no idea what to do. Duh.  Sounds kinda silly at first but it got me thinking—So why exactly does something that seems so normal -  girls wear makeup boys don’t – seems so NOT normal. As a girl I’ve been conditioned to waking up 30 minutes earlier every morning to draw on my face. It’s part of many of our routines.  Bottom line, it’s not like we are born knowing how to apply makeup but somehow society conditions us to believe it’s completely normal.

BUT WHY?? We accept boys for what they look like straight out of bed, who says girls have to be any different?  Don’t get me wrong, I am not into the out-of-bed look but let’s be honest it’s hard to be a girl with the beauty standards we are constantly bombarded by.

I know it probably sounds cliché, but I know I am worth way way more than the products I choose to put or not put on your face.  Nothing will ever change if we don’t attempt to change the norm.  And I officially challenge you to try it out for 1 hour. Go to the store, yeah go ahead and return that book or movie, do anything- just try going makeup free for one hour! And for you guys here’s your challenge: give someone a compliment-a genuine compliment- on a natural feature. Not clothes or makeup, but something like eyes or a smile. Make a real effort to appreciate someone for their natural beauty.  It’s up to us to define ourselves! WE ARE BEAUTIFUL, THAT’S RIGHT JUST THE WAY WE ARE :)


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