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If you were to listen in on a dressing room conversation you would most likely hear at least one or two girls complaining about their boobs. Too small. Too big. Lopsided. You name it; most girls are stressed about their boobs conforming to the media’s version of normal. But something else you might also hear is penis talk. Surprised?! Yeah, we talk about it boys…Big. Small. Weird looking.  

It turns out boys are subject to just as much media and society blasphemy in regards to their private parts as girls are, but no one sees that as bad! There is a huge focus right now on bringing an end to girls’ body shame, but what about penis shame? Penis size jokes and references are literally EVERYWHERE. Beyonce’s song lyrics indicate that her man needs to “carry big things if you know what I mean,” and in Two and a Half Men the mother dumps her lover because he doesn’t meet her standards. Every big comedian has probably made at least a handful of penis size jokes to get some laughs. It’s a normal thing to joke about and all of it is focused on one thing: guys need to have big penises in order to be manly/good at sex/worthy.

All this talk about boys private parts is in my view similar to what girls face when they hear about how their waists need to be thinner and their boobs need to be bigger. ALL OF IT IS JUST PLAIN RIDICULOUS. I’m pretty sure penis size and breast size doesn’t affect anyone’s ability to do all the other relationship stuff- Betcha long walks on the beach are still achievable!

Two things recently surfaced in the media to put some of this into perspective. A more realistic Barbie shows how girls bodies actually look and a study came out revealing the average size of a guys penis (spoiler its not 8 inches). Body shame shouldn’t be acceptable for either gender! I know it sounds cheesy but can’t we all just love each other for we are?


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