Summer Sizzle 9.0

All good things must end… SIGH

Why? No don’t go! Can this really be happening?!

Don’t leave Me Summer!!!

For me the End of Summer is always like a bittersweet breakup. It seems like just yesterday I was throwing my books in the air and running out the doors of my high school to the sweet smell of freedom. How can it be over so soon?! After the initial pain and shock of realizing Summer is almost over, leaving me for good (or at least for  300 days or so) I stopped to think before panic set in!... I know, I know that even though I’d like to hold on to summer as long as possible deep down inside I know it’s time to move on. SIGH!

Time to reminisce on the good times, the awkward, and well all those new lessons learned. You know: learning about free condoms at Teen Source, finding the best birth control method for me and learning how to find a clinic near me to get tested which gave “Fun in The Sun” a sexier and safer meaning! If you were with me on this journey, maybe you learned more about healthy relationships, summer fashions, cool celebrity moments or great tips for finding a summer job! Maybe you got through your whole Summer Bucket List or only crossed out one item that made it all worth it! YOLO!

Whatever it was that you learned about life, love and everything in between don’t let it end now. Even though Summer Sizzle has ran it’s course TeenSource is still here to bring you amazing resources and juicy tidbits! So as we put out the campfire and pack up our sleeping bags we can only imagine the new adventures this Fall has in store. Remember whether you’re heading back to school or packing up for college TeenSource is only a CLICK away!


The Link Series Finale:

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  3. Celeb talks about losing virginity at age 29
  4. A dad who actually wants his daughter to enjoy sex
  5. 6 Major Differences Between Gay & Straight Dating According to a Bisexual Woman
  6. Last but not least…It’s back to school! 11 apps you need to download before school starts