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“I’m too embarrassed to buy condoms”

“I don’t drive yet and I can’t buy condoms at the store close to me because I might run into my teacher”

“I don’t have a job yet and I can’t afford to spend money on condoms”

“Between homework, track practice, and babysitting I don’t have time to buy condoms and before I know it, it’s Friday night”

“I don’t need a condom, my boyfriend always pulls out”


I hear my friends say stuff like this all the time! There’s always an excuse for why they aren’t using condoms and to be honest that’s just weird because they know how SUPER IMPORTANT condoms are.

Condoms protect you from both STDs and unplanned pregnancies. I know a lot of my friends think that stuff won’t happen to them, but statistically odds are that if they keep this habit up at least one of them will get an STD and / or get pregnant (BTW the pullout method doesn’t work!). This would really be bummer because STDs could affect their future relationships - let’s face it, Katie and Josh aren’t going to be together forever- and not to mention their physical health- some STDs can cause cancer! And then there’s the very real possibility of pregnancy—I know none of them are ready to be parents! I don’t want to sound like dooms day, on the contrary enjoying our Friday nights and high school sports , is exactly how things should be, and well I’d like to keep things that way, at least for a while.

So you probably get the point- condoms are essential to safe sex, the only way to prevent spreading STDs. But what I bet you didn’t know that TeenSource will actually MAIL THEM TO YOU! Yes, that’s rights- TeenSource will mail condoms directly to your house. FOR FREE!!! Though the Condom Access Project (CAP) they come in an unmarked and plain envelope addressed to you so that you don’t have to worry.  No awkward eye contact with the cashier at the store, or danger of bumping into that cute girl from your math class.

Best of all it’s super easy to get them: Just visit, enter your address, age (you have to be 12-19 years old), and they’ll put 10 condoms, some lube, and some safe sex info. in the mail for you! You can do this every month if you want. There’s only one catch, you have to live in one of these counties: Alameda, Fresno, Kern, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, or San Joaquin.

 If you don’t live in one of these, TeenSource will still tell you how to get condoms for free, you just have to pick them up at a teen friendly location!  Yep, no awkward moments there either.

Let’s face it, you owe it to your future self to protect yourself from disease and unplanned pregnancies. If you are a sexually active teen, order your condoms today!!