Condom Pride

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By Lauren

Condoms: well known, easily accessible birth control. Sure, you may know that they are 98% effective in preventing pregnancy (if used CORRECTLY every time you have sex), you may see the weird Trojan commercials playing when you’re just trying to watch TV with your parents, and you may have had a health teacher stretch one onto a banana when you were like 12... but have you ever dealt with the self conscious, soul-questioning journey that one embarks on when they have to buy some?

As a girl, I freak out about the stigma I’m going to get walking to that section of whatever drugstore I’m in. I never know what to buy - so many colors, options, and a lot of phrases like ‘Feels like there’s nothing there!’ or ‘Ultra-orgasm!’ What’s someone to do besides grab the least expensive, most discreet package and try to deal with the awkward actually-buying-it part?

Over time, however, I’ve come to think buying condoms is not something to be ashamed of. Condoms are effective barrier methods that prevent both pregnancy and STDs. Who shouldn’t be proud of the fact that, not only are they probably going to have sex, but they’re going to do it in a safe, healthy, cost effective way?

So yeah. Next time you’re at the store, take pride in your purchase. Strut with your condoms. Buy those things, be healthy, and have fun. 

*If you still feel embarassed to buy condoms or aren't sure what brand or type to trust, you can get condoms for FREE through our Condom Access Project and teen-friendly locations! And starting this week, teens in 9 counties state wide can also order free condoms to be mailed to them at home. Check out our Condom Access Project to find free condoms near you.