Get Tested and Know Your Status

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By Joseph

The Wait...

Waiting for the results of any health test can be a scary feeling, but waiting for your HIV test results can be very unsettling. While you replay the situation that put you at risk over and over in your head, it's hard not to keep on going back and forth thinking and regretting that one moment. But, if you don’t remember everything - maybe you had one too many drinks - it's especially scary because then you’re just hoping and praying that this person was clean. It’s a very scary feeling.


The Results...

The results are in and every second the counselor waits to tell you feelsl like an eternity. You are just hoping that it's negative, and then it reads “NEGATIVE”. You are filled with excitement, jumping for joy on the inside and out; but then it dawns upon you that this was a sign. A sign that you need to take responsibility upon yourself when it comes to sex. That means you need to use condoms, make sure you don't mix drinking or drugs with sex, and of course get tested together before you have sex. It’s good for both you and your partner to get tested together for the safety of not infecting each other. If one of you is positive, knowing early means you can get treatment right away. 

Why Getting Tested + Knowing Your Status is Worth the Trouble...

Boyfriend, Girlfriends, Partners or Friends are all people who can become infected through sexual activities. Getting tested is beneficial for both you and your partner's health and safety. Getting tested together can form as a support for one another, not to mention, it can save lives.