Myths about Condoms...Busted!

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By Judy Choi, Huckleberry Youth Peer Educactor  

There are so many common misconceptions about condoms out there....maybe you've heard one of these myths. Make sure you read on because we're setting the record straight!

  • Two is better than one

Using more than one condom at once is NOT safer than just using one condom. Using two condoms at once may create friction which could cause the condom to break, which basically defeats the purpose of wearing one! Not to mention, wearing two condoms at once might reduce sensation. So why double bag if it’s completely unnecessary?

  • Condoms don’t protect against STD’s

 This is false! Condoms block bodily fluid from being exchanged - the same bodily fluids that cause STDs and pregnancy. SO condoms are a great way to protect against the STDs that are passed by exchanging bodily fluids like chlamydia, gonorrhea, and HIV. It's important of course to use them consistently and correctly every time you have sex. So don’t hesitate to grab that condom! (You can get them for free here!)

  • Condoms are so uncomfortable!

Actually, many condoms come with special features that can make sex more pleasurable...extra lubricated, ultra sensitive, ribbed, flavored, you name it! They are not difficult to use as long as you practice. (Check out this condom demo!) 

The bottom line?

Condoms are a safe barrier method to protect you and your partner from transmitting common STDs. (They also protect against pregnancy if you are having sex with someone of the opposite sex but it's best to use another form of birth control too!) They're easy to get, simple to bring with you, and a great way to practice safer sex. But wait, what if you want to learn more about condoms? Then click here

Never underestimate the power of a condom. Remember: one is better than two, they are effective protecting you against STD’s, and they are comfortable! Want to get free condoms? Click here to learn more. 

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