Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationships - Must-Be-Monday

Teen relationships in one word:  "healthy" Relationships, like our bodies, need to be healthy aspects of our lives. Many teens sometimes fall into relationships that are abusive or ... Read More

Sex and Sensibility: Giving Consent

  “Never assume. Ask before you proceed. A good lover is a good listener. A bad listener is at  best a bad lover and at worst a rapist.” 1 I love this quote because it sh... Read More

Teen Dating Violence: Her Take

Hey girls! With Valentine’s  Day being today, we all know that February is the month of love.  But what most of us do not know is that February is also Teen Dating Violence (DV) Prevention a... Read More

Why Does My Textbook Tell Us Sex is Dirty and Bad?

by Robyn My health textbook shouldn’t take a stand on whether teens should abstain from sex... This year I finally had to confront one of my high school graduation requirements—health education. ... Read More