This Prom Season- Be YOU!

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Whether it’s an over-the-top promposal or picking out the perfect outfit for the evening, Prom often gets people thinking about trying new things. This can be fun and exciting but should be true to you. Following these steps will help you and your friends have the best (and safest) prom possible.

Think About Your Date:

From a long-term partner to a kinda close friend, there are many choices when it comes to prom dates. Feel free to use prom as an excuse to ask out the person you have had a crush on. If you’re not up for something that adventurous, that’s OK too. Your date should add to your fun and not take away from it! Pick someone you will feel comfortable with and who will help make your night the best it can be. You don’t even have to ask anyone. Prom can be just as fun (or even more fun) if you go with a group of friends.

Consider Your Outfit:

There are so many outfits to choose. Don’t feel like you have to stay within the gender binary --think outside the box! But be sure you pick an outfit that will make you feel comfortable on the dance floor and comfortable as yourself. You want to be able to focus on your fun and not a wardrobe malfunction. Also, be sure to refer to your school’s dress code. You may not agree with the dress code, but it’s important to know what the rules are and play by them. If your dress code or other prom rules are discriminatory, you can speak to your school administration, your teachers, and your fellow students. But consider speaking up before the day of prom.

Be Inclusive:

Everyone deserves to have a good time at prom. Remember, if you or your friends are LGBT, they still have rights when it comes to prom. Invite all of your friends to dance with you, including the LGBT friends, the taken friends, and the single and dateless friends! Going to prom in a group or enjoying prom as a group can help make sure everyone feels like they part of the fun. This also includes friends who couldn’t participate in pre-parties or after parties, try not to give them too much FOMO!

Be Prepared:

It may sound a little cheesy but if you think some of your friends might have sex on prom night (or maybe you’re thinking about it), find free condoms near you so you have some on hand in case someone needs them. You can also use prom prep as a chance to visit a clinic for birth control or STD testing. Having condoms or visiting a clinic doesn’t mean you’re having sex or even planning to. It just means you want to take care of your health and be prepared if or when you decide to have sex.

Don’t Forget Consent:

When it comes to any type of sexual act, remember you need consent! If a person is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they cannot give consent. Consent can also be important when it comes to peer pressure. If you are being pressured to try drugs or alcohol, it may be hard, but you can always say no.

And most importantly, IT’S PROM! HAVE FUN!