Safe Sex

Talking about Sex with your Doctor

By DanyaWe all know that point of the doctor's appointment when they ask your parent to step out and you know you’re about to get asked some very personal questions. I used to really dread this part o... Read More

Condom Mailing Service

“I’m too embarrassed to buy condoms” “I don’t drive yet and I can’t buy condoms at the store close to me because I might run into my teacher” “I d... Read More

Join the TeenSource Team!

 Are you always texting, using Instagram, and checking-in on Facebook? Are you fearless, eager to learn and share a wealth of info with your friends and family? If so, TeenSource needs YOU!We nee... Read More

Dental Dams

  A Dental What?! Yeah, I know! It was the first thing I thought when I first heard of a dental dam. It’s not as well known as the male and female condom and is not as famous amongst ... Read More

Lube, Lube, Lube!

Things were getting heated between Brandon and I last weekend when he asked if I wanted to use some lube. The question took me aback for a minute, I was like LUBE?? I had heard about it before and kne... Read More

Friends With Benefits

Usher’s “Lovers & Friends” kept playing in my head as I woke up this morning. Crazy how a song could sum up my life so perfectly. I’ve known Sean since freshman year in hig... Read More

Ready or Not - Finale

Why is it that so many of us want to get this sex thing over with? Isn’t it something we can slow down over to really savor the flavor?   ​   Being ready doesn’t mean... Read More

Ready or Not - Part 8

Jeff* is a 19 yr old college student.  This is his story: College.  Finally.  I was so ready to leave high school behind, get out of my parents’ house, and make my own rul... Read More

Ready or Not - Part Six

Rachel* is a 17 year old high school senior. This is her story. Sex. I’m not really the type of person who freaks out about it. I like it, I’m a curious person and I have had sex wi... Read More