Summer Sizzle 9.0

All good things must end… SIGH Why? No don’t go! Can this really be happening?! Don’t leave Me Summer!!! For me the End of Summer is always like a bittersweet breakup. It s... Read More

Summer Sizzle 8.0

Lately my newsfeed has been packed with articles, videos, and pictures all trying to sway me to one “side” or another. This happens with so many topics but lately , with laws passed in Tex... Read More

Alcohol & Sex- A Matchmaker’s Mistake

        What was supposed to be one of the most amazing nights of the summer became the worst. Summer has been flying and it’s already August! That means dorm room shopping, ... Read More

Summer Sizzle 7.0

Ahhh the teenage years- filled with budding romances, late nights doing nothing, lots of pizza, and OH YEAH those cringing, gut wrenching embarrassing moments. It has happened to all of us whether you... Read More

What's the Deal with Oral Sex?

“Guess what I did last night??” Ana asked in a loud whisper as we sat down at the cafeteria table. Before I could even get a word out she squealed “I gave Joey a blow job!” I s... Read More

Summer Sizzle 6.0

Time is flying and summer nights are drifting away! We’re halfway through the summer but don’t you worry! We at TeenSource are going to continue to bring you the 411! As your summer con... Read More

Summer Sizzle 5.0

If you were to listen in on a dressing room conversation you would most likely hear at least one or two girls complaining about their boobs. Too small. Too big. Lopsided. You name it; most girls are s... Read More

Lube, Lube, Lube!

Things were getting heated between Brandon and I last weekend when he asked if I wanted to use some lube. The question took me aback for a minute, I was like LUBE?? I had heard about it before and kne... Read More

Summer Sizzle 4.0

  I recently discovered Thee Kats Meoww on Youtube and I LOVE IT! She’s hilarious, spunky, and not afraid of anything. I watched this one video where she literally walks around screaming... Read More

Hookup Tips of the Trade

“I hear people talk about sexual health myths, but sometimes they’re wrong!  I want to help change that.”  – Alameda Teen Hookup Guest Author, on sexual health myths.Did you know that TeenSo... Read More