3 Things You Can Do to Take Action This Summer!

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June was a month full of activism and fighting for what’s right – from participating in the Black Lives Matter movement, to recognizing the origin of Pride as a protest. As the fight for equal rights continues, we must continually ask ourselves, "what more can I do?" 
Here are 3 things you can do this summer to take action!

1. Make sure your family takes the 2020 Census

One super easy thing to do is help your family take the Census!
Every 10 years, the U.S. government counts the number of people in the United States as a way of deciding representation and distributing funding so cities, counties and states can plan for the future. The Census is meant to count EVERYONE living in the United States – no matter their immigration status. 

But the Census has historically undercounted communities of color – especially Black communities, leading to lack of political representation and less funding for important social programs. That’s why it’s so important that EVERYONE participates. 
For the first time ever, the 2020 Census has been moved online (but you can also fill it out over the phone if that's easier)-- you can find it here: https://2020census.gov/.  
Only one Census form needs to be filled out for each household--- ask your family if you’ve submitted yours yet!
Learn more about why the Census matters in our Census blog.

2. Register to Vote!

It’s no secret that this year is a big election year. But come voting day on November 3, we’ll all be voting for more than just the President of the United States. Local ballot measures, members of Congress, and other state officials may also appear on your ballot. Research who’s on your ballot and vote for the candidates that align best with what you believe in!
You can register and vote in the November election as long as you are 18 by November 3. California’s voter registration deadline date is October 19. Register now!
PS: Did you know that California is now a vote-by-mail state? Governor Newsom announced in May that all registered voters will receive a ballot in the mail to ensure safe and efficient voting during COVID. But you can still vote in person if that’s easiest for you.
3.    Stay Safe + Participate
Though media coverage has died down, Black Lives Matter protests are still taking place across the country – and in many places, teens are on the front lines making a difference! If you’re planning on joining a protest, it’s important to be safe. Before you join, think about your COVID risk and the risk of others living with you. You should also remember to always wear a mask! Wearing a mask to protect yourself from COVID is a lot like wearing a condom to protect yourself from STDs -- it will protect you AND others.  
If you aren’t protesting in person, there are many other ways to participate – from sharing on social media, to organizing fundraisers to donate to organizations doing the work on the ground.
What other ways are you taking action this summer? Share with us on Instagram.