Stressin about a relationship? Talk to someone supportive. Talking is healthy for your mind and body.

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Ever notice how when you feel really strongly about something – good news or bad, there is always that urge to tell someone? Whether it is a parent, counselor, friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, brother/sister, or even just your pet – it feels good to tell people what is going on in your head.

We are naturally social beings – scientific studies talk about our need for support from other humans, through touch (hugging is good for you!), social activity (so are sports!), and heart to heart talks. Especially when it comes to relationships! Hollywood movies show the typical girls meets boy + happy ending scenario, but we all know that life isn’t like that. We go through ups and downs, fights, breakups, crushes, and hookups at the speed of light… and no one can hold all the emotions and feelings that come along with those changes bottled up inside.

If you don’t feel comfortable talking to family or friends, stop by your local teen clinic – a lot of them offer free counseling from people who are trained to help you talk through whatever is going on. Whatever you need to talk about will be totally confidential, aka the counselors will keep your info 100% private.

Find a teen-friendly clinic in California.