Fertility Awareness

What is it?

To use the fertility awareness method you must learn your fertile time of the month, which is when you release an egg (or ovulate). If you have unprotected sex during this time, you are likely to get pregnant. People who know their ovulation cycle can estimate when it is safer to have sex. 


  • No side effects.
  • Natural and free.
  • Easy to hide.
  • Permitted by many religions and cultures as a form of BC.


Who uses fertility awareness?

People who are in between other methods and want a natural, inexpensive form of BC, or who don’t use other BC methods because of religious beliefs.

How do you use fertility awareness?

You must learn the cycles of your own body to use the fertility awareness method. On the days when you are fertile each month, you must not have unprotected sex. Instead use a barrier method like a male or female condom, or a cervical cap or diaphragm.  

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Where do you get fertility awareness?

There are many resources available, such as textbooks, classes and online sites, which can help you track your own cycle.

How effective is fertility awareness?

Fertility awareness methods are 75-88% effective.

Does fertility awareness offer STD protection?

NO. For STD protection use condoms with this method.