The Shot

What is it?

The BC shot (also called Depo-Provera or just Depo) is given at the clinic every 12 weeks to prevent pregnancy. Depo has only one hormone in it, not two like some other methods. This hormone stops the ovaries from releasing an egg so you can’t get pregnant.


  • 97-99% effective.
  • Only 4 shots per year and forgettable between shots.
  • Private and hidden.
  • Initially, women have irregular—even heavier—periods. But after one year on the shot, more than 70% of women have light periods to no period at all.


  • Does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases or HIV.
  • Irregular bleeding patterns for the first few months.
  • Requires a visit to the clinic every 3 months to get the shot.

Who uses the shot?

People who don’t mind going to a clinic for a shot every 3 months and are not afraid of needles; people who want completely hidden BC. 

Where do you get the shot?

You can get the Depo shot at a clinic near you.

How effective is the shot?

The Depo shot is 97-99% effective. 

Does the shot offer STD protection?

NO. For STD protection use condoms with this method.