The Patch

The patch is worn on the skin, similar to a band aid. It has two different hormones in it. Each patch works for one week, then is changed for a new patch. During the fourth week you don’t wear a patch and your period comes.


  • 92-99% effective.
  • Convenient—easy to use, just apply one patch once a week.
  • Can make periods more regular and less painful.


  • Does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases or HIV.
  • May cause spotting during the first 1-2 months. Some people don’t like that the patch can be visible.

Who uses the patch?

People who may have trouble taking a pill every day but can remember to change a patch once a week; people who don’t mind wearing a visible patch on their body.

How do you use the patch?

The patch is worn on the skin like a band aid and releases hormones through the skin. A new patch is worn each week for 3 weeks. During the fourth week no patch is worn and you will get your period. The patch will not fall off during showering or swimming or even with exercise.

Where do you get the patch?

You can get a prescription for the patch at a clinic near you.

How effective is the patch?

The patch is 92-99% effective.

Does the patch offer STD protection?

NO. For STD protection use condoms with this method.