Birth Control

Keeping Sex Simple Sex is supposed to be fun, right? If you are stressing about STIs and pregnancy , it’s pretty hard to enjoy yourself. Wanna keep it simple? Three things to remember: Birth Control...Read more »
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A Bay Area woman says the popular birth control pill known as Yaz caused her to have a stroke which has devastated her life. She is suing the drug's maker, Bayer, to take the pill off the market...Read more »
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Joseph Gonzales
Which method of birth control is best for you? Now you can use Planned Parenthood's birth control quiz to determine the answer! Answer a few simple questions and the quiz will help steer you in the...Read more »
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Jason Lim
Teens Speak Out About Sexual Health Services Today in California, the law says that teens have the right to confidential sexual health services – that means that teens ages 12 to 17 do not have to...Read more »
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TeenSource Blogger


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