Healthy Relationships

Talking about sex with Yourself

By Danya Sex is a big deal, if you hadn’t heard. Everyone’s always talking about it- on TV, in books, even in school. It can be overwhelming. When it comes to down to it, sex is personal, sex is ... Read More

Body Image & Your Sex Life

It’s been about six years or so since I’ve had an eating disorder relapse. I’ve accepted that doctors will always ask about this “ongoing” history that appears on my medical record, and that I will oc... Read More

Me, Myself, and I

By MarissaAfter experiencing the highs of a healthy relationship and the lows of an unhealthy relationship, I felt that I had seen the happiness that relationships can bring, as well as the sadness th... Read More

There's a first time for everything

My first real relationship didn’t exactly start out real. In fact, it started off pretty casual. Neither of us was particularly interested in settling down in a relationship, nor were we ready. Eventu... Read More

Who do I go to for boy advice? My dad.

By Lauren Ever since I was little, my dad and I have been close. We would shop together, walk our dog together, and watch World War Two documentaries together- tradition. Over the years, I’ve ask... Read More

Why Sex Ed is Important in Oakland Schools

By Ervin Lopez, Young Men's Organizer* and TeenSource Guest BloggerI come from a small town called Alameda where everyone knows each other. You can feel the safety in this community when you can walk ... Read More

Teen Pregnancy Prevention: An FAQ

              By Vianey, Peer Health Educator Welcome to a one-stop shop for all your teen pregnancy prevention questions. Why is ... Read More