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LGBTQ+ and HPV- What To Know!

We have been talking a lot about vaccines these days with the news about the COVID-19 vaccine. But we can’t forget about another safe, effective, and important vaccine- the HPV vaccination! Read More

Holiday RomComs!

It’s the festive season, and you know what that means. You got it! Cheesy romantic holiday movies Read More

To Honor World AIDS Day, Know Your Rights!

Yesterday was World AIDS Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness about HIV. It’s important to learn the facts about HIV and ways teens can protect themselves. Protection includes knowing your rights... Read More

Be Thankful!

This Thanksgiving may look a little different for many people this year as we do our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by not gathering with people we don’t live with but there are still many thin... Read More

Thanks, Birth Control!

Today is Thanks, Birth Control Day, a chance to remember all of the reasons we are glad to have birth control options! Read More

IUDs- What You Need To Know!

IUD stands for intrauterine device. They are small plastic “t” shaped devices that are inserted by a doctor or health care provider into the uterus to prevent pregnancy. Read More

Self-Care Tips for Stressful Times

Dealing with so much uncertainty can be hard – especially since elections can feel personal for many of us. With everything that is going on, and many of us still distance learning and managing other ... Read More

When a friend comes out to you

People come out as LGBTQ+ in different ways. Sometimes it might be public like through social media and sometimes it might be more personal, like one on one. Read More

Let’s Talk!

October is “Let’s Talk Month” -- a month that encourages parents and caregivers to talk with the teens in their lives about sexual health. Read More