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Practice Consent

We all know that someone must give consent in any kind of sexual situations but where else do we use consent Read More

New Year’s Resolutions!

Even if you are not into resolutions or if you make them and never keep them, we encourage you to think about ways to take care of yourself in 2023. Maybe it’s a resolution, maybe it’s a mantra, and m... Read More

The PrEP Talk

You may have heard about pre-exposure prophylaxis before or its shortened, more common name of PrEP. If not, that is totally okay too. Read More

World AIDS Day

December 1st is World AIDS Day, a day to raise awareness and education about HIV and AIDS and honor those who have died from AIDS. Read More

Know Your Birth Control Rights!

Last week we celebrated Thanks Birth Control Day - a day to show extra love to birth control and share all the reasons why birth control matters to us! Read More

Thank you birth control!

Today we are celebrating the evolution of birth control. Every year, on November 16th, we celebrate Thanks Birth Control Day, a time to appreciate birth control! Read More