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Own your health this summer!

School is wrapping up which can bring on all the feels -- excited, scared, happy, sad, tired, etc. -- but that does not mean you can forget about your health! No matter if you are graduating or just f... Read More

Talking is Power!

May is #SexEdForAll month which seems like perfect timing because many students get sex ed toward the end of the school year. But conversations about sexual health can also happen at home! That’s righ... Read More

Reduce condom breakage or slippage!

Condoms are an important way to protect against pregnancy and STDs. But we know that condoms are not perfect. Using condoms is pretty easy but making sure you are using them correctly can help keep th... Read More

This Prom Season- Be YOU!

Whether it’s an over-the-top promposal or picking out the perfect outfit for the evening, Prom often gets people thinking about trying new things. This can be fun and exciting but should be true to yo... Read More

When it comes to teen pregnancy- know your rights!

May is National Teen (Unintended) Pregnancy Prevention Month! This month, celebrate the progress that’s already been made to reduce unintended teen pregnancy rates, learn the facts, learn your rights,... Read More

Wear Jeans for a Reason- It’s Denim Day!

Have you ever heard of the “jeans alibi” the Italian Supreme Court ruling that set the stage for a worldwide movement call Denim Day?In 1992 an 18-year-old girl reported being raped by her 45-year-old... Read More


Written by Nova R.R. Gardner, a TeenSource Intern Yesterday, April 9, was Name Yourself Day! You have the opportunity to name YOURSELF. Sometimes people do not feel that their name fits them. Trans... Read More