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The PrEP Talk

You may have heard about pre-exposure prophylaxis before or its shortened, more common name of PrEP. If not, that is totally okay too. Read More

World AIDS Day

December 1st is World AIDS Day, a day to raise awareness and education about HIV and AIDS and honor those who have died from AIDS. Read More

Be Thankful!

Here at TeenSource we made a list of all of the things we are saying “Thank You” for this year when it comes to owning your health! Read More

Happy Thanks Birth Control Day!

Most people use birth control at some point in their lives (99% to be exact!) and people across the gender spectrum may choose to use birth control. Read More

Dental Dams

If someone is sexually active, they might be at risk of getting or spreading a STI, or Sexually Transmitted Infection. Read More

California Outlaws Stealthing

Last week Governor Newsom signed a bill sponsored by Cristina Garcia into law that makes “stealthing” a civil offence. California is the first state in the country have this kind of law. Read More