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Pregnancy options and rights!

If you, your partner, or your friend just found out you are pregnant, you might be very overwhelmed and not sure what to do. No matter what you choose, you have rights to protect your choice! Read More

Use A Condom Correctly!

Condoms are an important way to protect against pregnancy and STDs. But we know that condoms are not perfect. Using condoms is pretty easy but making sure you are using them correctly can help keep th... Read More

Care for yourself!

California is currently facing the Coronavirus pandemic, heatwaves, fires, and blackouts while many of you are going back to school virtually. Read More

What is PrEP and PEP?

Maybe you’ve seen a commercial for PrEP. Maybe you’ve never heard of it at all. No matter what, TeenSource is here to give you a little more info. Read More

Get the HPV Vaccine!

HPV, or the Human Papillomavirus, is the most common sexually transmitted disease (STD) in the United States. Read More